"Combining" magnetic and electric model of particles

Hello all! I am a newbie with SIM4LIFE and I need some help solving this, although it might be sort of a conceptual question.

I'm working on simulations to characterize particles to be implanted in brain, and stimulated via transcranial magnetic stimulation. So far I've done two models, the electric model outputs the field generated by the particle under the boundary condition (Dirichlet) using the EM quasi-static solver. The second model simulates two coils producing a magnetic field to measure the magnitude around the particle, considering several layers of brain tissue and skull, using the magnetic quasi-static solver. All this works at low frequency.

Now what I want to do is "combine" these models, so that the magnetic field generated by the coils elicits electric activity on the particle, which then propagates through tissue. So far I tried establishing an expression H*alpha (where |H| is an output of the magnetic model, which I sweep through. Alpha is the magnetoelectric coefficient, so a constant) to the Dirichlet condition in the electric model, but this property is locked and won't take a value different than a constant.

I don't know how else to link both models, maybe setting my expression to somewhere else, or if there is an easier way to do it, in general. I appreciate any help!