Saving cut model

Hi everyone, I tried to cut a part of jeduk v4 in order to not voxelize the entire body. However after cutting it with the planar cut. The cut was successful but I cant save the model with the error "Access violation". How could I resolve this?

warm regards,

Hi Tomasz
You cannot save/export the model, as it is protected. What you can do is to only keep the Jeduk's cuts that you are interested in, and save the whole .smash project.

Hi Tomasz,

I don't think the access violation error has anything to do with "protected models". I think this is a bug that should be reported to the support.

What version of Sim4Life are you using?

  • did you cut the "posable" Jeduk, or did you first "Clone As Static"
  • did you cut using the Python API, or in the GUI?
  • if you save the model as .smash or export as .sab/.sat file, is a file written? Can you load it?
  • what other types of entities are in the model?
  • what happens if you copy the model entities and paste them in a different instance of Sim4Life?