Waveport guide error


I am trying to simulate a waveguide source for an antenna model I import. But I keep getting the following errors:

Error : Failed to update waveguide boundaries for small face 1 : Could not deduce the geometry of model small face 1

Even, if I reconstruct the waveguide, it does not work.

How do I resolve this?


Which waveguide source are you using? How big is the waveguide aperture? If you can share your project, I can have a look. Alternatively, please send the screenshot of the source section of the model.


I am trying to use a coaxial waveguide source. I have shared the project in the following link:

I would like to power the patch in the antenna

Thank you

I have tried adding a third cylinder around the ports and extracting the edges. But seem to get the similar error. Would I need to unite the coaxial feed and the patch?

Hi, I think I have managed to solve the problem. Thanks
One question, how to reverse the signal from a waveguide port?
For example, I have 2 waveguide ports and I want to power one of them with a 180 degree phase shift to the other. Is that possible?


any idea how to proceed on this topic?


Hi, I am not sure if I understand your application well. After you simulate 2-ports case as a multiport simulation, you can then use Simulation Combiner in Analysis to set Available Power and Phase of each ports. Please refer to Section Extraction of Results from EM-FDTD Multiport Simulations in the manual.


I would like to power the two waveports with an input which is 180 degree phase apart between each other. The antennas are constructed in a differential manner to increase penetration. I am not sure how to provide the power input to the waveport guide