Waveport error


I am getting the following error. Not sure what it means. Tried to place the antenna on the head

Error : Failed to update waveguide boundaries for Unite 1 (Antenna) : Invalid waveguide cross-section. Expected geometry flat along one of the cartesian directions.
Error : Unable to assign 'Unite 1' as a Waveguide Source in simulation 'EM'.



The waveguide ports should be aligned with one of the cartesian planes, i.e., the coaxial waveguide source in your project should be in xy, yz or xz planes. I hope it helps.

Hi, is there anyway to override this error? I would like to ideally place antennas around the body segment but cannot run the simulation due to the cartesian errors


How do you ensure they are in xy,yz or xz plane. Visually they are but I still face the error?