Extracting A/H fields from EM LF Electro QS simulations


The field sensor for the EM LF Electro QS simulation has options for recording the H-field and magnetic vector potential field.

Is there a way to extract this data after the simulation has run?

And can the vector potential from this be used as an input for LF Magneto simulations?


Hi @tcs,
EM LF Electro QS simulations are electric simulations executed in the LF approximation, where the electric and the magnetic fields are decoupled. Therefore, the electric simulations do not produce any magnetic-related quantity (H and A-field).

In order to simulate problems involving magnetic fields, one of the EM LF Magneto solvers need instead to be used).

If your problem involves radiofrequency EM fields instead (e.g. above 1MHz), the EM LF solvers may be inadequate and you should use the FDTD solvers.

All the best!