Unsolved Python API changes from SEMCAD 14.8 to SEMCAD 17

I am currently porting some scripts that were previously used for SEMCAD 14.8 to work in SEMCAD 17 and have some questions.

  1. Previously, the property "iUnitType" of a SolidRegion could be used for the grid settings. Is there any way to get the same behavior as when setting this property to the unit type "Wavelength"? I don't see any way to get this unit type in the new API.

  2. The property "iGriddingMode" or "iTemplate" of a SolidRegion could be used for the grid. We use the bounding box (iGrddingMode = 2) and the geometrical (iGriddingMode = 3) options often in SEMCAD 14.8. How can this gridding behavior be achieved in SEMCAD 17?

  3. When setting up a simulation, I also cannot seem to find a "timestep" unit, as previously this was in "SEMCAD.SimulationTimeUnits.TimeSteps". Is there any equivalent in the new API?

I appreciate any help!

The gridding algorithms are quite different in V17 compared to V14.8, so many options simply do not have a one-to-one conversion. The best strategy is probably to learn how to use the gridder in the GUI of SEMCAD 17 (in particular the Manual Grid Settings) and then use the "To-Python" function to auto-generate the corresponding Python scripts.

I don't know V14.8 well enough to answer your other questions from the top of my head and my current V14.8 installation is acting up, so I can't help with your other questions right now. I will as soon as I fix my setup!