Simulation progress is stuck at 0% "Queued"

I am running into an issue where when I try to run a simulating in sim4life it gets stuck at 0% Queued with nothing before it in queue. What could be the issue and how could I solve this in version

I had that problem as well. In my case it was solved by upgrading the graphics card driver to its latest version. This is anyway always a good thing to do once in a while: Sim4Life tries to make good use of the GPU.

My version is Sim4Life light and trying to do any simple Electro Static simulation the message is "Job Finished - The job 'LF' failed" stuck at 0%. I updated the video card driver to the last version (GeForce 940MX : 6/02/2019) but the problem remains.

If there is a message such as "Job Finished", this probably means that the job is not really "stuck" at 0% but that it simply failed, for some reason. You might get additional information by looking at the Console (View -> Console) or by looking at the log file from the solver itself (this is a file ending with _Input.log in the Results folder of the project). The latter is also visible from within Sim4Life using the Task Manager (click at the bottom right of Sim4Life to open it).