Python script for Hyperthermia optimizer

I tried to access and set the weights of the Hyperthermia Optimizer using the python script. Initially used the GUI, then i tried to generate the script using 'To Python' option.
I receive the following error:
** ERROR s4l_v1._scripter.analysis_exporter
File "C:\Program Files\Sim4Life_v3.4.3.2565\s4l_v1_scripter\", line 64 : Cannot create complete script because the following algorithms are only available with limited functionalities: Hyperthermia Field Optimizer **

The Python scripter cannot be used with the Hyperthermia field optimizer?

This error typically means that one algorithm (the Hyperthemia Field Optimizer, in your case) does not have a complete Python interface. Sometimes it means that some properties are not available via Python, sometimes it means you cannot use the algorithm at all (I am not sure in which category the Hyperthermia Optimizer falls).

Note that there is a newer version of Sim4Life available (v4.0.1), but I don't think any change has been made to the Hyperthermia Field Optimizer in that release.