how to normalize in Simulation Combiner ?

I have run a multi-port EM simulation. My aim is to use the python API to generate a simulation combiner with contribution from several channels, then extract the EM field.
1- How can we normalize the Total power in the simulation combiner and set a target power ?
2- Under the simulation combiner, after creating a sensor combiner how can we set the Normalized power and choose reference (EM input Power / Conducted power) ?

When i try to to use to python tool to generate script for normalized and non-normalized cases, i observe no difference in the generated script

This might be an old question, but I have just stumbled accross this problem and solution recently. Someone reading this in the future might find it helpful. The code you were looking for is the following:

heat_source = thermal_sim.AddHeatSourceSettings(em_sim.OverallFieldSensor)
heat_source.NormalizeToInputPower = True
heat_source.PowerScaleFactor = 6, units.Watts

Assuming you want 6W of power, of course.