Creating and submitting solver job



I am doing multi-port EM simulation in sim4life Ver 4.2 using 3d DUKE model. And as it can be seen in the attached screenshot, the task manager is taking so long to submit the job.
My questions are

  1. Is this normal to take this long time?
  2. If not, how can i make my sim4life to perform faster?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Suchit Kumar

Submitting a simulation job involves 2 steps:

  • creating the input file for the solver (when you have an anatomical model, this can be ~500MB or even larger, depending on your grid size)
  • uploading this file from the "client" machine (i.e. where the GUI of Sim4Life is running) to the "server" machine (where the simulation will run). If these 2 machines are actually the same, nothing special is done.

Is it possible that somehow your project files are located on an extremely slow hard drive, or a mapped remote drive with a poor connection? If not, that's quite puzzling: this step is normally pretty quick...


Thank you for the quick response. The client and server machine are the same. I checked about the disk performance. Yes, you are right, the disk write speed is very slow. That's why they are taking very long time to submit the job. I will have to replace the disk i guess.

Thank you
Suchit Kumar

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