Boolean operation with Anatomical models

I would like to use boolean operation (intersection) with a certain section of an anatomical model(V3). As far as i understand i could not do it because the organs are not solid, and since they are licensed parts, i am not allowed to export as solids.
Is there any way to do this operation ?

Thank you


One way is to clone the duke model as static, i.e., right click on DUKE and clone as static .
Then, just select the skin (inside DUKE static folder) and try to intersect with other object you want. One drawback of this is it will create a hollow object. Try this method once.
However, if you can be more clear with what exactly you want, i can try to help more with the problem.

Suchit Kumar

Hello Suchit,

I tried to clone as static but the boolean operation option is not appearing.
My final aim was to obtain a mask of Duke torso which is modified by removing 1 cm thickness from skin to inside the body.
I thought to realize this by intersecting a solid with Duke, then stretching the resulting object.


Hello again

I tried to make mask as you mentioned using DUKE model. However, i am still unsuccessful, i just succeeded until making the hollow (attached screenshot).

I tried to export and make it full 3d object. But exporting is difficult due to licensed model.

I suggest rather than using model to make mask. You can make mask either in MATLAB or other program you used using the post-process result. For example, make the 3D logical array of DUKE result in MATLAB and there are open source-code to convert MAT to STL model. And then it can be used in sim4life as another object.

Hope it helps.

Suchit Kumar

just to comment on doing booleans with licensed models. this is completely possible, as Suchit says. Sometimes I think users get confused by the lock symbols shown in the model. These locks are not related to the license protection at all, they are there because the model is posable and modifying individual parts would break the posability.

For you I would suggest to download the shell (surface enclosing the complete model) of DUKE and do the boolean operation with the shell only. For Duke you could use:

Since the shell is not license protected you can modify it, save it as STL or whatever format and load it other software tools if needed (e.g. MATLAB). To make it a solid the easiest method is to import the STL file and check the box "Import as Solid".

We are planning to restructure the downloads soon, and I want to add the shell surface by default to the zip file containing the full V3.x model, since it is often useful, e.g. to create uniform thickness offset surfaces (skin layers), and other operations.