Extracting a set of Voltage Value without Voltage Reader

I am trying to write the analysis python code for my EM-LF simulation on a 3D arm. I have many electrodes modeled as PEC spheres on the skin of my model. I want to obtain the voltage value at each one of these electrode. To do so, on the GUI I am reading the values from the electrode bouding box
electrode Box --> Voltage Reader --> Potential at PEC regions
where I end up having my table from which I can read my electrode Voltage value.

However, when I translate this to python it says that "Algorithm "Voltage Reader" was not yet exposed in the Python API.
Unfortunately since I have to run thousands of simulations, manually read one by one the results of each simulation would be impossible.

I wanted to ask if there is any way to bypass this temporary lack in the API. I tried to see if the export function was working as well, but it didn't since it also pass through the "Voltage Reader" part. Do you have any suggestion?

So far, I tried to export the EM Potential data in Matlab matrix and then taking the average value of the non NaN values of the "Snapshot0" matrix that is produced.
Is this correct? Is there a faster way?