making a map of the PsSAR 0.1 g in a sub volume


I'm wondering Is that possible to make a map of PsSAR 0.1 g in entire simulation?
And also is that possible to make a map of PsSAR in a sub volume (in the case of different tissues), I mean set a region and find the the largest value?


Hello Saya,

You can compose (i.e. chain) the different postprocessing algorithms. In your case, you can use the "Crop Filter" (extract data from a sub volume) or "Mask Filter" (extract data from selected tissues / objects) together with psSAR and /or SAR Statistics algorithms. The "Statistics" algorithm can compute the max value and the "Table Viewer" can be used to see the value.
More detail regarding each of these algorithms can be found in the documentation.

Hello Sylvain,
Thanks for your reply.