Extracting the integrated projection of a vector on to a trajectory

Yes, I did. I drag and drop the line in the overall field, It comes up as "EM E(x,y,z,f0)- interpolator" . Then I select E-field from overall field and I click slice viewer in the ribbon. At the end I select these two together. But there is no interppolator in the ribbon. Do I do it right?

No, you should not need the slice viewer. The interpolator connects directly to the E-field itself, not its "viewer".

So I need to just drag and drop the line in the overall field since it comes up as "EM E(x,y,z,f0)- interpolator" and "Tangential-field" shows up in the "Field data tools" in the ribbon. Is that correct?
But when I try to export the result, there is an error "Failed to compute output attributes". How this problem could be fixed?

Sorry I don't have Sim4Life in front of me right now, so can't take a screenshot, but you need to select both the E-field (from Overall Field sensor) and the Line object in the Output View window (use the CTRL key to multiselect) and then the Interpolator should be visible in the ribbon. Note that you need to do a multiselection twice: once on the sensors, to have the right quantities showing up in the Output View window, and once on the fields themselves.
You can also use the Workbench to do this kind of things, it's conceptually a bit easier to understand.

When I drag and drop the line in the explorer(overall field), just "EM E(x,y,z,f0)- interpolator" shows up in the output View window. And E-field and Line do not show up in the output view window simultaneously.

You need to drag & drop into an empty space in the Explorer tree, not onto the Overall Field. Both are possible, but they do different things 🙂

I drag and drop the line in the explorer and I select the E-field from overall field. When I select the line, the content in the output view changes, line appears in the output view and there is no E-field to select . It would be great if you provide me with a snap shot whenever you have Sim4Life.

you have to use the CTRL key to multiselect. First the Overall Field and Line in the Explorer window.... then E and line in the Output view.

Yeay. It worked. Great. Thank you so much for your patience 🙂

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