Thermal Simulation, Surface normals not found warning


While running thermal simulations with Poseable models i observe the following warning:

What does it exactly mean? Does it impact the simulation results ?
Other times i observe 10-20% of surface normal missing. As the % increased also the simulation time is much higher too.
Thank you

You get this warning when the solver does not find the normal to the surface, in which case it behaves in the staircased manner. This can be less accurate, but not dramatic when the percentage is low enough.
This said, the percentages reported in your screenshots are obviously wrong (they tend to be below 100%....) so it is hard to say what is going on.

I would strongly encourage you to upgrade to a more recent version of Sim4Life, as there has been a lot of work done since then and it is very possible that this kind of bug has been fixed.

@sylvain redi told me he is experiencing this problem with older ViP models, which use the old poser method (before FEM poser). The model gets torn when using the Move tool And Posing. Since he switched to the FEM posable model the issue is gone...

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