Problens with Sim4Life demo

I have any problens with Sim4Life. Database does not mount materials to models. The user name is written in ASCII format. Dicom series is not imported into iSEG.

Dear Andrei, in order to get helpful and timely answers from Sim4Life user community, I would advise you to:

  1. ask questions about a single topic (e.g. material database or Dicom images)
  2. be as precise as you can when describing the issue (e.g. adding screenshots, or error messages)
  3. describe the context (e.g. which version of Sim4Life you are using, on which operating system, etc...)

Regarding your questions, could you please share a screenshot of the Console when you start Sim4Life, and a screenshot of the Material Database Manager (available from the ribbon in the Simulation tab).

Many thanks

I'm trying to work with Sim4Life V trial on Windows 10 Pro for Workstation. But Material Database does not mount materials to models.

Dear Andrei,

please check if you have Material.db file in My Documents\Sim4Life\4.4\Materials folder

Yes, I have this file 1959 Kb.

Is there any non-ASCII character in the path C:\Users\xxxx\My Documents\Sim4Life\4.4\Materials

On this PC the folders C:\Пользователи\anchu\Documents.....not contain follows \Sim4Life\4.4\Materials
and word Users in Russian

Dear Andrei. Non-ASCII characters "Пользователи" in the path cause the problem. Currently, there is no workaround other than having Windows in English.

Ok, I will reinstall English Windows 10 Pro tomorrow and generate new Lic. file on your site. After send you file from our PC for new demo-lic. file.

Dear ofly,
Sorry for the silence. We are reinstall only yesterday English Windows 10 Pro ( and ready to test Sim4Life 4.4, but in this PC after deinstallation our license key does not work. Can I send new Trial demo lic. key with Female-Rat-with-Tumor or Big-Male-Rat-Poseable? We are talk about it in last tme.

I hope that in the English version Windows 10 Pro the database of materials will work.

I hope for further cooperation.

Best regards


Churakov Andrei

MD,PhD, associate professor of Department

of electronic engineering and technology BSUIR

Dear Sim4Life developers,
I have came across the same problem and cannot update materials database due to the Russian words within a pathway.
Is it possible to solve this problem by directing Sim4Life to search for materials in another pathway?

Thank you a lot in advance,