Unfilled 2D section from MIDA model

I am extracting a 2D section from an anatomical-based model (MIDA human head). In the figure, you can see a 2D slice of the gray matter. However, this is not a filled 2D model. It is empty.
I need to create a filled 2D section from an anatomical based model. Could you please suggest me the best approach?
Ila![alt text](MIDA.PNG image url)

Create slice creates only contours. You can call "cover wires" on these contours to create a filled 2d region.

Hi Ila,
if the slice is a closed polyline, you should be able to use the 'Cover Loops' tool available in the 'Wire Tools' folder in the top panel to create a filled 2D section. Watch out that when you create a slice of some anatomical entities, such as the white or gray matter, you extract two slices, one for the internal and one for the internal regions. They are collected in only one slice entity, but you can separate them using the boolean operations.

Please let us know if that worked.