Problem with the tutorial of Sim4Life light

Dear Sim4Life-community,

I am learning S4L with Sim4Life light but I find that I cant open the tutorial projects in S4L light.The software asked a full version to open it.

Is it mean I cant use the tutorial projects in light version or it is just a bug?

Thank you a lot.

Sim4Life light can only open projects created with Sim4Life light, which should be the case for the tutorials that get installed when you run the installer. You probably tried to open some tutorial projects created by the full version. It is of course possible that it is a bug, but please double-check that you are opening the tutorials installed as part of Sim4Life light. The easiest way to be sure of that is to click "File -> Open Tutorial" from within Sim4Life light, as it should put you at the right location.
Note, however, that if you (or someone else) opened these tutorials with the full version of Sim4Life and saved them (intentionnally or not..), then it will not be possible to open them again in Sim4Life light.

If you are not sure, simply get the latest version of Sim4Life light online, uninstall the one you have (which shoud remove the existing tutorials, but you can double-check), and install it again.

I hope this helps

Thank you for replying
I checked it as you said and I am sure i open the right tutorials.And I did not open the tutorials with full verison also.
Thanks again.

Quick questions to help us understand what is going on:

  • Which version of Sim4Life light do you have (click HELP->About)?
  • Do you have other versions installed on the same machine?
  • Have you installed / uninstalled other versions of Sim4Life or Sim4Life light?

My verison is Sim4Life light
And I have another Sim4Life V with a expired trial license on my computer

Same problem - since I installed sim4life light 4.4.2 (from 4.2.x) I cannot open any tutorials supplied by the software.
This of course makes it almost useless, because Sim4life is pretty complex and very hard to get everything "just right" so that a sim runs - as a novice student we rely on tutorial files to learn how to use the software.... 😕

Can ZMT please check and possibly provide a tutorial set (FDTD) that can be opened in the Light version?

Thank you for noting this. We are now aware of this issue and will find a solution as soon as possible. We will give a notice as soon as we have a fix in place.

Great - please keep us posted 🙂

I am having this issue also - are there any updates on this? Alternatively, is it possible to receive and open the tutorial files some other way? Thanks!

Downloaded V5.0 Lighty and the tutorials work - thank you!