Number of voxels per material

Does anyone know if, and is so, how, it is possible to extract information on the number of voxels per material in a simulation? For example, when using a virtual human model I would like to be able to extract the number of voxels which belong to the "white matter"-material.

Alternatively, if it would be possible to get to know the volume of the tissue that would also greatly help!

Thanks in advance.

The SAR statistics algorithm will give you the mass and volume of each tissue (in addition to SAR-related quantities). Maybe you could try to use that?

I don't know if the above answer on volume will give you the number of voxels (I personally didn't try it yet), but you could always export the J & D and E fields compute the conductivity and permittivity and mask those using the tissue-specific dielectric values. Then computing the sum of the mask would result in the number of voxels 🙂

Hi Sylvain and Peter, thank you for your replies! The information provided by the SAR statistics algorithm seems to include exactly what I was looking for (both volume and voxel count!), so I will try to make use of that. Thanks!

Awesome, good to know!

You can also compute the volume for models newer than V1 (>V1) using the measure tool in the modeler. It computes the volume of the selected tissue accurately, so you could get an estimate how accurate your voxeled volume is at the selected resolution. For v1 models ut may be unreliable because of the way the surfaces were created