Export SAR to matlab for analysis

Hello everyone. I am a total beginner to Matlab and thus I don't know how to export the SAR results to matlab for post-processing. I searched on the internet but couldn't understand how it works and if it's only done by writing a script or through the matlab importing options. Could someone help me with some tips on how to do so? I need some help to get started and I hope that I will be able to sort it out afterwards and do the analysis myself.


We can help you with the export of field data (SAR or other fields) form Sim4Life into MATLAB container file.

In Sim4Life. you can right-click the SAR quantity in the Output window, select Import/Export, then select MATLAB. This will create an exporter in the analysis pipeline. In the Properties of the exporter, you can define the destination file name and click Refresh.

The generated file can be loaded in MATLAB, it contains the grid information and the 3D field data.

Thank you very much for your help!

@Habib said in Export SAR to matlab for analysis:

then select MATLAB

I have a similar problem. In the analysis tab, when I right clicked onto a result to export, I only have one option, Touchstone (R) File Exporter. And it is not exporting anything to anywhere. Does this mean that I do not have the necessary license or something else?

BTW: to export a result, I have to open it in plot viewer and export it to csv file by using right click on the plot, which is obviously not the best way to export a result. I would like to learn a better way of doing that. Thanks.

Note to myself:
Press right-click on fields on output window and "refresh" button after setting up everything.

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