Determining how many nodes are along an axon

What might be the best way to determine the number of nodes in an axon model? Seems that mining the action potential sensor's table viewer is one possible route to see how many instances a particular section has, but is there a more straightforward and generalized way? I'm aiming to programmatically check my site of initiation against the number of nodes to see if initiation took place at the end of an axon or not.
Thank you

Dear @JKM ,
Sorry for the late answer. Yes, there are several ways. The first is to create a Point Sensor: after dragging and dropping the axonal entity, a list containing the name of all the sections will appear. E.g. for a myelinated SENN model, the list will show names such as node1[0],internode1[0],node1[1],internode1[1]...
A second way, via Python is to run the following code that provide a list containing all the section names:

import s4l_v1 as s4l