Simulating only Part of the Virtual Human Model


I am trying to simulate only a part of the virtual human model (arm). I know that padding could be used for that, but I am not sure how to define the padding horizontally. The screenshot shows what I get when I add the top and bottom padding, but it still covers a large area which does not allow me to get the resolution I need.

Does anyone know how to select a more defined part of the body?



usually what you can do is make a wire block around the part you want to simulate and use that to make the grid. So in the simulation window you go to the grid settings and throw out the human model and put the wire block in a manual grid setting and pick the resolution you want. This is also the best way to get a nice isotropic resolution.

@PeterStijnman That makes sense! Thank you 🙂

This post is deleted!

i want to know when i just select a part of human body(such as arm)in the simulation,whether the blood perfusion influences will be considered

I am not sure what type of simulation you are working on, but if it is an EM one I do not think that the blood perfusion influence will be considered automatically. What happens in the simulation is what you set up. However, I am not sure if there is a way to combine the fluid dynamics solver with other solvers to make that possible.

Do you know how to set the effect of blood perfusion on temperature when I use a complete human body or a partial human body? I am currently focusing on exploring the relevant effects of electromagnetic radiation on various tissues of the human body, mainly the temperature field. Therefore, I am currently using YOON SUN's arm model, using "thermal transient" + "EM LF electro"/ "EM FDTD" for simulation, I refer to "Thermal Solver Tutorials----Heated Brain", but after the simulation, there is no physical field result. What kind of research are you currently doing? If possible, can I add your email address and get in touch with you in time?

I am afraid I am not familiar with that type of simulation. Perhaps someone else might be able to help. I messaged you my contact details in case there's anything else I can help with.