Voxel of a part of ViP models obtained with planar cutting

When trying to voxel a part of ViP models (e.g., a hand from Duke) obtained with planar cutting, the following error may be encountered:
Modeler : [Error] [facets_from_deep_copy]: Not a valid ENTITY type for this operation
Error : Unable to voxel object which contains neither mesh nor wire data.

This error is because the planar cut operation does not delete the empty meshes. A workaround is running the following script after selecting the model obtained with planar cutting:

import XCoreModeling
sel = XCoreModeling.GetActiveModel().SelectedEntities
sel = XCoreModeling.CollectEntities(sel)
empty = XCoreModeling.CreateGroup("Empty Meshes")
for e in sel:
if XCoreModeling.IsTriangleMesh(e):
if e.Empty():
print("%s is empty" % e.Name)