Simulation solver not progressing on GPU

Dear Sim4Life forum,

We use a GPU for most of our Sim4Life jobs, however recently it has become impossible to use the GPU. It is possible to submit jobs to the GPU remotely. These jobs get the status 'running' but they show no progression, the progress bar always remains at 0% and no time update information is given. Even when submitting a job on the GPU itself this occurs.

We are running S4l 5.0 both on the GPU and on our PC's. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Best regards,



Did this happen after a software version update and/or installation of new GPU cards?

What happens after resetting the Ares server on the remote PC?


Hi Habib,

It happened after a reboot of the GPU. After rebooting Ares and S4L a few times I got the servers running again.

We do have two versions of S4L running on the same GPU, this seems to have caused some problems.



Great to hear! Keep in min that you can use the same Ares and allow it to use multiple versions of the solvers. It will then automatically select the correct one depending on the version of the GUI you are submitting the simulation from. It is always recommended to use the latest version of Ares, but there are no restrictions on the versions and the number of solvers it can use.