Posable head and neck with respect to the rest of the body

Dear Sim4Life Forum,

For my simulations I have to place my model in a position which is similar to the position shown in the image below:


This requires me to pose the head and neck with respect to others parts of the body.
I attempted this with the poser tool, but this seems to be limited to positioning of the limbs. The images below visualize the problem I am currently running into: only arms and legs give me the option to rotate and move the bones while other bone parts show these dotted lines which do not give me the option to be rotated and/or moved.


Does anyone know if it is possible to change the position of the head with respect to the rest of the body and, if so, how?


currently only the models Yoon-sun, Jeduk and the special version of Ella (Ella breast coil) supports posing the head and neck.

@bryn First of all, thanks for your reply!
During my project I used a different method that was sufficient to a certain extent, and that is why I did not try this yet.

But to perform a more realistic simulation I also wanted to look intro the Ella breast coil model.
When I tried to obtain the .sab file via the ITIS website it stated that it was accepted and that the files would be sent to be when they were ready. However, these files were never sent to my mailbox. Even though I do have the Ella posable licences.
Have you yourself tried to download this special version of the Ella breast coil and have you also encountered this problem?

I also tried to download other morphed versions of Ella and I got them without a problem, so it only seems to happen to me to the Ella breast coil model.

strange. my colleague and me both tried to download "Ella breast coil" and got the download link instantly. Can you check your spam folder?

btw. you don't get the sab files sent to your mailbox. instead you get the download link, which takes you to the website. if you then accept the license condition, the download should start in the browser.

@bryn Thanks for your reply! Me and my professor both tried it again, but when we paste the generated ViP download code it does not sent the download link. Even though the ITIS site states:
"Thank you You download link is being prepared. We will send it to your mailbox when it is ready."
It is just very strange that I get sent the download links for all other models instantly, but not for the Ella breast coil

Can you send me (lloyd@itis.swiss) your email address so I can send you a download link? Btw. in the next sim4life release there is finally a ViP download tool, which allows you to directly download the model from Sim4Life.

I can only see one download link for this model sent to an address at tue.nl which I guess is yours. I forwarded it to you again, in case you did not receive it.

I don't know why it is not working for this model (except that a spam filter may think that the word "Breast" indicates spam).