HOC file support


What would be the general steps to have Sim4Life work with hoc files not already built into the distribution? For a simple starting example, if I wanted to have a single passive compartment located at a point, how would I prepare and pair the hoc file to Sim4Life for use? Is there any formatting considerations to extend on that for a passive fiber?
Thank you for the guidance

Hi, Have you found a way to do this? I have added a new Hoc setting in the neuron simulation but it is not allowing me to input any nerve trajectories. I am not sure why that is the case.

No, I have not found out how to do this yet

Hello, did you try to follow the (brief) description in the documentation? There are some HOC functions (run(), finitialize(), fcurrents(), etc.) that have to be disabled/removed from the HOC code file, and then the model has to be compiled using a native version of NEURON (not in Sim4Life) in order to create the mechanism files. The mechanisms have to be compiled with the correct version and build of NEURON compatible with the version of Sim4Life you are using. The correct version is indicated in the corresponding documentation.

After those steps, the model can be imported into Sim4Life and used in a simulation.

Hi @Habib -thank you! that makes sense. I think I missed that bit of the documentation. I thought section is all the documentation available but now I found what you're talking about. I will give this a go- thanks again.