Setting up voxel priorities in model


My question is rather simple - is it possible to somehow assign the priorities (for voxeler) of different model entities in the modelling interface in a way that could then be imported into a new sim4life file (as a model import only)?

I have a way to do that now in the voxels settings in the simulation setup under voxels properties, but I would like to take a cad model that I create and import it into different files and not have to manually set up the voxels settings in every new simulation I set up.


I am no expert, but I think you cannot connect the voxeler priorities to the cad model. But if you have already set up the simulation properties (including the voxeler priorities), you can right-click onto the simulation name --> To Python, which opens the scripter. There, you get the code for the whole simulation setup that you can simply (modify and) run and don't have to set up the settings every time.

That is a good point! I will try that.
There obviously has to be a way since the VIP models work so well, but I guess this is not documented end-user functionality. 🙂

Hi @BorKos

As @snowy mentioned, the CAD model cannot hold information about voxel priorities. This can only be done in the simulation setup. Python could be an option to keep record of the priorities and apply them to other simulations.

Thanks for the answer. I thought there was a way since the VIP models handle this so well, but Python should work as well.
Or is there a way to to sort the priorities by entitiy name?