Animal model tissue properties


does anyone know of a way to automatically assign tissue properties from any of the databases to the animal models. For example, I'm looking at the big male rat at the moment and when I try to link the tissue properties there is no automatic link to the dissue database and I would need to assing all tissue properties manually.

have you tried with a Python script?

For instance:

Sim4Life 5.2

import s4l_v1.materials.database as database
import s4l_v1.simulation.emlf as emlf

material_settings = emlf.MaterialSettings()
components = [your_entity]
mat = database["IT'IS LF 4.0"]["Cerebrospinal Fluid"]
simulation.LinkMaterialWithDatabase(material_settings, mat)
simulation.Add(material_settings, components)

Thanks for the help,
but I just found the auto-assign button in the Assign material tool...

My day is saved.

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