Help with my simulation


I am trying to create a simulation.

I have generated the surface of my model and also I have created a Birdcage (8 legs with radius=180 and length=220)

In the simulation tab, I have created a EM EM-FDTD Multiport and I moved my model and the birdcage to this EM-FDTD Multiport. I haven´t changed anything, only in the grid I set auto grid update, and then I created voxels and run.

When I do that, Endring 1 and Endring 2 are created successfully but I have a problem that Endring 1 failed but Endring 2 continues simulating.

My target is to calculate the SAR for my model. What can I do?

Hi Javier,

What error messages are you getting with Endring 1 simulation? I assume that you have already checked the tutorial "3.1.9 MRI Lowpass Volume Coil" which might help you to make sure that your setup is correct.