how to implement 'thicken-wire' in Modify menu of a spline?

Dear Sim4life Team,
I am writing a script to automatically generate implant wires, therefore I need to use the thicken-wire function for a spline, but I can not find the relevant description of this function in API, could you please help to check how to implement it in Python?

Thank you

Hello Aiping,

Bellow is a small example which might help you.

import s4l_v1 as s4l
import XCoreModeling
import random

radius = 0.1

points = list()
for ii in range(20):
	points.append(s4l.Vec3(random.randrange(0,20), random.randrange(0,20), random.randrange(0,20)))
spline = XCoreModeling.CreateSpline(points)
wire = XCoreModeling.ThickenWire(spline, radius)