Problem with Boolean operation

Re: Boolean operation with Anatomical models

Hi all,

I have a problem that looks similar. I would like to create a simulation of a transducer on a MIDA model of the head and would like to put a silicon patch between the transducer and the head. My idea was to do a boolean to substract the head on a small cylinder (reprensenting the patch). However, everytime I am doing a boolean this way, there is this error showing up:

Modeler : [Error] CSG failed, exception: C:\projects\carve\lib\triangulator.cpp:1051 "didn't manage to link up hole!"
Modeler : [Error] operation unsuccessful
Modeler : [Error] [Subtract]: operation unsuccessful
Modeler : [Error] operation unsuccessful
Which I don't understand....
In more it creates weird shapes (probably due to my mesh).


Do you have an idea of how I could create those patch to be sure that they are perfectly aligned with the head and without creating unwanted shapes.

Thank you for your help !

I think the error "didn't manage to link up hole" usually occurs when the two objects (involved in the boolean operation) have nearly parallel touching surfaces. You could try:

  • (always first make sure surfaces are manifold)
  • make the cylinder overlap more with (deeper in to) the skin