How to rotate an object with respect to a coordinate system (WCS) other than the object's center?


I have to rotate an object w.r.t. a Coordinate System (WCS), which is different from the main Coordinate System. But I can find the only rotate option under the Translation menu, where if I enter z = 30 deg, then it rotates the object w.r.t. to it's own center.
Can anyone please suggest how I can change the axis of rotation?


I could figure out how to do it. The tutorial 'SAM Phantom with Generic Phone' helped.


Good to hear this. I am using the following line of code to rotate an object around an arbitrary point (Xcenter, Ycenter, Zcenter) with rotation angles (Xtheta, Ytheta, Ztheta).
This is more like a "Rotate" operation followed by a "Translate".

Solid1.Transform = Transform( Vec3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0), Vec3(Xtheta, Ytheta, Ztheta), Vec3(Xcenter, Ycenter, Zcenter) )