Problem with surface projection tool

Hi all,
I try to use surface projection tool refer to section, but it doesn't work out as I expected.
I uploaded my operate video about the projection of a cylinder patch on DUKE head model.
It looks like the patch imbed in the DUKE model. Maybe I lost some settings about the orientation or placement?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Sincerely yours,

Hi Luna.
To be honest I cannot see or understand what is wrong with the projected patch.

  • is the volume/area of the project patch larger than the original (that happens in some situations). Unfortunately, I don't have a reliable workaround for that. In general better mesh quality (and manifold target surface) helps.
  • are there gaps or overlaps between the projected cylinder and the skin?

Thanks for your useful suggestion!
The problem I met was that the patch partically inserted into the human head, not on the surface, shown as a more clear figure below.Both gaps and overlaps exist between the projected cylinder and the skin.
I have remeshed the human skin and the patch, to make the voxel sizes approximated match, and it worked out!
Hope this will be helpful to others with similar problem, the mesh is the crucial role.