Change the dimensions of the lung


I would like to ask if it is possible to change the dimensions of the lungs in an anatomical model. If yes how can I do that?
I am trying to create a pneumothorax so I want to dicrease the size of the lungs and to insert an air caviry.
Also I would like to know if it is possible to measure somehow the distance between the lung and the thorax bones.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Yes, you can change the anatomical model in different ways.

  • First, start with a static model so you can edit meshes (if you have a posable model, right-click and select "Clone As Static")

Since you want to edit the lung, and replace tissue property to Air in regions where lung is deflated/smaller, I would clone the lung mesh, and then edit the clone. You can scale/stretch it using the Move tool. In addition, you can achieve quite detailed/complex deformations using the Morph tool.

Then, you can assign the old lung entity to Air, and the new (morphed) lung entity to "Lung". With the voxeler priorities, you can then make sure the morphed lung overwrites the old lung (but not and other tissues). So, you could use following priorities:

  • all tissues except old/new lung: 3
  • new lung: 2
  • old lung: 1

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Regarding your second question, how to measure the distance, I would propose you slice or cut the model. You can then measure the distance in the slice. You can also sample it at different positions along the z-axis.

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Thank you so much for your help and for your quick response.

I tried also to just delete the old lung and keep the new (morphed) lung (assigning "Lung" as material) and to see if there will be any differences. I run two simulations one for the model that you (@bryn) suggested me to follow (keep the old lung and change the priorities), and the model with the deleted lung, and the results was the same. So I would guess that the space that was created when I deform the lung and delete the old lung was considered by the Sim4Life as "Air".

yes, background is treated as "Air".