Define what GPU to use in a multi-GPU compute environment

Hello all, I was wondering how to define what GPU to use if my computer has 2+ GPUs are connected to it.

Thanks for the help.

This can be done in Ares, under the section "System Information Settings">"GPU">"Allow to use this GPU". You have to only enable the GPU that you wish to use.

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@Mélina This is close to what I want but not exactly. I still want ARES to say I can use both GPU's but I want to be able to say "for simulation 1 run on GPU0, for simulation 2 run on GPU1" . Is there anyway to do this? I tried messing around with the concurrent jobs number (setting it to 2 or 3 or 1) in ARES but I don't believe it's working correctly as I still am only running 1 simulation at a time in the queue.