move pallet missing in 7.0

Hello, I've a bugs in s4l
The first is that I don't have the pallet that comes up when I try to use the move tool in the model section. Along these same lines, when I click on an object I no longer have a pop-up menu (see attached pics, the one on the top is in 7.0 the bottom two are 6.2)

Please open the Console window via VIEW | Console and check the OpenGL version and also see if there are any other warning/error messages. The floating sub-context in the 3D window is used to show up only for OpenGL version > 3.2 (or a similar). Are you using Sim4Life locally or via Remote Desktop?

I have an OpenGL error when I open S4L and I'm using a Remote Desktop. The desktop currently only has compute GPUs in TCC mode so it's using onboard graphics.

I noticed a similar problem with the Poser Tool buttons missing; I posted it as a separate question here:

Any help is greatly appreciated!