I need a detailed installation tutorial of the scientific version software with the dongle

I am a new user of s4l. I have applied for the scientific version of dongle, but there are no detailed installation and use steps in the received CD-ROM, so I cannot open the software. Is there a detailed installation tutorial?

i dont know since i got this pc installed before and im new also


I assume that you have received the dongle and the license file. You will find Sim4Life installer under the "Sim4Life" folder on the DVD you have received. Please run and follow the steps there. Once you are done with the installation, you need to install the dongle and license file. To do that, please run the "Install License" (via Start menu under Sim4Life V7.0 | Licensing Tools) and follow the steps there to install the license file. Once you are done with the license installation, you should be able to run Sim4life. Please contact s4l-support@zmt.swiss if you experience any issues.