Surface projection tool


I would like to place the antenna on a human body. I am using the surface projection but it does not seem to work.

a) Can it work just on a single mesh and not on a structure like an antenna?
b) will it only work on the shell and not a complete ViP model?


Hi Vignesh,

I am assuming that you have checked the animation in our manual ( Surface Projection). The tool might fail when the target surface is non-manifold. If this is the case then you can try to make the surface manifold first. Click "Make Manifold" under "Mesh Doctor". If you get strong distortion, you might follow the steps below to extract a high-quality surface patch to project onto:

  1. Extract a surface region large enough to fit the device (add some safety margin, e.g., 50%) using the "Select Patches" tool. If there is highly curved surface in the target region, try to not include it in the "Patch". Please refer to the animation in which a small patch near the armpit was created first and then a larger one for the actual target was created.
  2. Extract the patch as new triangle mesh
  3. Remesh the extracted triangle region to improve the quality of the triangles (here it was 2mm, 90-degree feature angle, 1.3 grading)
  4. Project the device onto this extract surface region

Please see the gif animation:

I hope it helps.


Sorry I did see the animation in section but the option of surface projection does not appear. I am working with the duke model. I have attached a video below.

  1. I select the antenna group and then the duke skin part. But no projection option appears. It does not work if I chose the entire duke model option either.

Thanks - Sim4Life S4L4sci 2022-11-30 10-01-42.gif?dl=0


Does the surface projection tool only work on meshes? So we would need to convert any solid object like an antenna or the duke model to a mesh?

What happens if you convert everything to a mesh? Can a virtual model be converted to a mesh? I am interested in the internal tissue properties of the model
Is there another way to place antennas around the human body

As it is written in the manual ( Surface Projection):
"This tool allows for placing or projecting a mesh assembly onto the curved surface of another mesh object. "

i.e., the tool is active only for surface meshes and not for CAD objects. Please convert the antenna (no need to change the Duke model - it is already a mesh object) to a mesh (Mesh Tools | To Mesh), and then try again.

Thank you. Just to confirm, converting an antenna to a mesh would not change any of its electrical properties ? Sorry, I am not sure how the to mesh option works and what the changes are

Hi, sorry. I still am facing issues.
Since the antenna was too big for the thigh surface, I used a cuboid around the thigh to project the antenna. But, the projection is stil being deformed on the front and back. I have attached images of the process. I am not sure what is happening?

b) Also, since the source (edge source for example) cannot be converted to mesh, do the snapping options (like snap to edge midpoint etc) work for meshes or how do we go about it?