Solved Creating a wire from a line/arc

So in Sim4Life I can create a line and through the GUI it is possible to give this line a certain thickness (using the modify tab and clicking thicken wire). However I cannot seem to find this option in the Sim4Life API, does anyone know if this is possible? I'm using V3.4.1.2244
So a snippet of the code I use is given below

import s4l_v1.model as model
from s4l_v1.model import Vec3
import math

Wire1 = model.CreateArc(Vec3(0,0,0), 10, float(10)/180*math.pi,float(350)/180*math.pi)
Wire1.Name = 'MetalWire' 
# Thicken Wire...

So I sort of found the solution...

import s4l_v1.model as model
from s4l_v1.model import Vec3
import math
import XCoreModeling

def get_spline_length(spline):
	wire = XCoreModeling.GetWires(spline)[0]
	return wire.GetLength()

def Thicken_Wire(spline,radius):
	wire = XCoreModeling.GetWires(spline)[0]
	target_curve = wire.GetGeometry(transform_to_model_space=True)
	# compute the length of the spline
	height = get_spline_length(spline)
	# get the Vec3 of the starting and end points
	startVec = target_curve.Eval(0.0)
	endVec = target_curve.Eval(height)

	# create a cylinder that will be bend to the spline, its height must be the same as the length of the spline
	Wire1 = XCoreModeling.CreateSolidCylinder(startVec,Vec3(startVec[0]-height,startVec[1],startVec[2]),radius)
	# do the bending
	# remove the used spline 
	return Wire1

# example
spline1 = model.CreateArc(Vec3(0,0,0), radius, float(10)/180*math.pi,float(350)/180*math.pi)
Wire1 = Thicken_Wire(spline1,1)

As you noticed, the Thicken Wire tool is not available in the Python API at the moment (Sim4Life 4.0.1).
Thank you for sharing your clever solution!

Thanks, I was wondering if there is a way for me to flag this as 'solved'?

First, the post as to be "Asked as Question" (unfortunately, I haven't found a way to make that the default behavior). Only then can the post be marked as "Solved". These options are available in "Topic Tools".

Okay good to know!