Sim4Life Lite acoustic simulation

This solver doesn't seem to be showing up as a New Simulation option in the simulation tab. I'm running Sim4Life Lite

Thanks for pointing this out, this is a bug. We are looking into it and will provide a fix as soon as it is available.

I installed Sim4life Light v4.2.0.3553 on a PC running Windows 10.
The installation was reported as successful but when I tried to run it I get an error message
"code execution can not proceed as MSVCR100.dll not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem"
reinstalling has not solved the problem.
please help

@pipperty Hey...i have the same problem as well...did you manage to short it out? Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can find the solution for this issue here:

@habib Thanks a lot...I solved the problem already !