Calculation of the tangential E-field integral along a base line using IMSAFE.


To calculate the tangential E-field integral along a wire using IMSAFE, I extracted the tangential E-field along 10 random splines using 10 disks (the radius of the disks are the same as the radius of the wire) in a text file. To calculate the integration of the tangential E-field along the base-line, I calculate tangential-component magnitude as "E_T = Sqrt((real-tangent-comp)^2+(imag-tangent-comp)^2)" and then I calculate "Sum(dist-along-line. E_T)" for each line. Then I average over the values for 10 random lines to get the value of the integration of tangential E-field along the base line. Is that a correct procedure?


Can't you do the same procedure directly for the E_tan along the baseline, instead of doing it for the random splines?

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