How to set the windows as default?

The windows (explorer, options, properties) in Sim$Life are messed up.
There is an option "Docking" to fix windows, but using it the windows are placed next to each other. How it could be set as default?

Hi Saya,

You can delete the UI settings of Sim4Life from the Registry:

  • type "regedit" in the Windows Run command line
  • navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Schmid & Partner Engineering AG\Sim4Life\4.4\SuperMash\Settings
  • delete the entire Settings folder
    This forces Sim4Life to rearrange the dockable windows in default configuration and automatically re-write this registry entry.
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Hi Ofli,

It worked. Thanks.

I can't find the explorer window anywhere. Any hints on finding it? I'm using version 6.2