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    We are excited to unveil our latest breakthrough: the ability to set up and run complex simulations directly in any browser, utilizing cloud technology – with Sim4Life web. The Sim4Life V8.0 web and desktop versions are identical twins offering seamless compatibility, excellent responsiveness, and a unified user experience.

    Sign up and start using the web version immediately! Through the end of March, the first 1000 users who log into Sim4Life web will receive a welcome gift of 1000 credits.

    Sim4Life web:
    sim4life.io for Commercial use
    sim4life.science for Academia


    Visit our new website for detailed information on Sim4Life.


    For further information, please email us at s4l-support@zmt.swiss.

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    Hello,I sincerely ask for help.
    I'm wondering how to set up the source when using a coaxial feed for a microstrip form antenna?
    Should I use an edge source or a waveguide source?
    Does the inner and outer coaxial diameters need to be extended?
    The simulation results do not seem to converge and the reflection coefficient is greater than zero dB.
    Is the source setup method below correct?

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