Importing file as a Label Field


Is there a way how to import file such as *.nrrd or *.nii as a Label Field via python? Such an option is possible to select when importing the file via the GUI, however I can't find a way to do it via the python interface.



any solution on this?

Is this what you need? I can import stl file in this way.

import s4l_v1.model as model
file=model.Import('file address')

@fanruifu Thanks! Nop, these lines correspond in doing in thee GUI: import, select file, ok.
I want to reproduce: import, select file, import file as a label field (pop up window that shows up when selecting the file), ok.
I hope it is clear, thank you!

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Hi, not sure this api is already in the release version, but in the dev version there is

ImageModeling.ImportImage(filepath, as_labelfield: bool = False, tissuelist_path: str = "")

This would allow you to import as labelfield and pre-assign the tissue names and colors.

If that doesn't work, you can access the options using following strategy:

  • create an importer for the file,
  • inspect the options.

This is a (general) solution to Import with the options:

imp = XCoreModeling.CreateImporterFromFile(file_path)
imp.Options.ImportLabelField.Value = True

To inspect the options, you can use the DumpTree method: imp.Options.DumpTree()

this is extremely useful! thanks a lot.

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This post is deleted!