Video of my model

Hi all,
I would like to do a video of my model turning on itself doing a 360° rotation. Is there a tool to do so automatically ?

@bryn has a script (flythru_script) to do this (which I have as well, but never used) ... Maybe you can ask him?

Ok! Thanks 🙂

hi @lsc

I would be happy to share the flythrough script, but the easiest is probably use a hidden tool called "Keyframe Animation".
You can find it if you start Sim4Life with the command line <path/to/sim4life.exe> --vip_tools.

@lsc keyframe_animation.gif

Thank you very much 🙂

Hello @bryn,

How come I get this warning when starting S4L from the command line?


I'm also interested in this, would be great if you can share the script.


@mkn I am not sure why you get that message. Did you start from a normal command prompt (cmd) or a command with admin priviliges?

Regarding the script: the above animation can be created without any script. The Keyframe Animation Tool can store camera settings (vie direction, zoom) and model settings like color and transparency.

Sorry, I must have started a command with admin privileges last time, tried it again today and I don't get that message. I was referring to your flythrough script.

Thanks again!

@bryn every time I hit animate the software crashes.


Any thoughts on what could possibly be causing this?


not sure. it could be related to graphics drivers. are you using it via remote desktop? please send one of the crash reports with some description (and "for Bryn"). Thanks

Sent the crash report.

thanks @mkn. it looks like you may have pressed "Animate" without first saving any keyframes (the 7.0 release will not crash - and notify the user with an error message).

Please note that when the tool stops (restarts) it removes all previously saves keyframes. Maybe a new version should not clear previous keyframes, but allow the user to explicitly them with a "Clear Keyframes" button...?

Thanks @Bryn!